Our School Library

Central Midlands Senior High School Library is at the hub of our school, both physically and as the centre of our community.

We have a very accessible collection of services and resources available to students of all abilities and cultures. 


Our library hosts numerous classes and our distance education students throughout the school day to access the research facilities on site. This includes access to the intranet, internet and a curated range of books and technology resources that complement the curriculum.   


We have an extensive and diverse range of fiction to enhance a culture of reading and enjoyment of literature. There is an appealing reading area which encourages reading as a leisure activity. Non class time use is also encouraged, before and after school, as well as during lunchtime. We have seating work spaces suitable for independent work, for collaborative work, a private conference room, as well as whole class learning. 


We host many literary and community events throughout the year, such as Book Week, NAIDOC, Anzac Day, and many, many more.  We also regularly showcase the artistic and inventive endeavours of our talented students.   Our students are supported by experienced and well trained library and support staff. 


Library opening hours : Monday – Friday   8.30am – 3.30pm