Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Central Midlands Senior High School students and staff, parents, the community and other stakeholders, strive together to provide an innovative, respectful and inclusive learning environment which enables all members to achieve their potential and be responsible, proactive citizens.

Our Values

Commitment: We are committed to our students and their improved outcomes; we are committed to achieving our goals and we guide our students to be committed to achieving their personal goals too.

Pride: We share a deep sense of pride in our school and what we stand for. We hope that our students share this same sense of pride of calling Central Midlands Senior High School their alma mater. We want students to be proud of who they strive to become and their connection to our school.

Encouragement: We encourage our students to dream big and to pursue their dreams, to encourage their peers to achieve their dreams too. As staff, we encourage our students to take that leap of faith in themselves.

Our Mission

We seek to improve students’ lives through learning and achievement. To that end, we are committed to preparing our students to engage confidently and responsibly in a world that is being reinvented constantly. We want every student to develop the dispositions and skills to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life. We want every student to exit school as a capable and caring young adult prepared for his or her next step to further education, training or the world of work, and seeking to make a positive contribution to local and global communities.

Achieving our mission calls on the deep engagement and purposeful interaction of all key partners in our learning community: our students; our teachers and support staff; our families; and our friends and external support groups within the wider school community.

We will work together to build a sense of belonging for everyone.

We will provide learning opportunities that connect learners with each other, ideas, people, beliefs and values. We will prepare young adults with the self-belief, knowledge, skills and desire to lead happy, productive lives and to make a positive difference to their community.

Our Beliefs

At Central Midlands Senior High School, we seek to develop young adults who will contribute to the community with respect and pride. Our students are encouraged to be socially responsible citizens who respect themselves and others, and are actively and positively contributing to our community. We feel that, as students develop a sense of pride in their achievements, they will be driven to greater success, supported along the way by our highly skilled and dedicated staff. We encourage and welcome the support of parents, care-givers and the broader community as our students engage in their educational journey.


We will foster an environment where both students and staff are encouraged to pursue their potential, becoming lifelong learners.

Team Work

Staff and students work collaboratively in a positive manner, to successfully achieve goals.


The development of students’ academic, social and emotional needs are at the centre of all decisions made at our school.


We welcome and include all members of the school community and respect their diversity.


Effective and proactive communication with all stakeholders will promote CMSHS as the school of choice.


We will effectively source and use resources to enhance student learning.

Safe Environment

We will provide a safe, professional environment that values, nurtures and supports all members of the school community.

Our Vision