New Students

Welcome to New Students

Central Midlands Senior High School community wishes you and your family a warm welcome to our school.

The transition to a new school – whether from primary to high school, or from one secondary school to another – is a significant event in a student’s schooling experience.  It can also be an anxious time for parents as their child learns to navigate a new campus, to make new friends, and to develop an understanding of the new school’s expectations and routines.


Our teachers, support staff and programs aim to make this transition a smooth and positive experience for both the student and family. Below you will find helpful advice and links to information that should ease the transition process.

Who to Contact

The following staff members are here to assist with enrolment matters and transition processes:

  • School Office – Samantha Waters and Kathy Moses  – for enrolment applications and advice.
  • Deputy Principal – Marita Rozario – for interviews with new enrolments or re-enrolments to all years.

Student Services Manager

Our Student Services Manager monitors and support the transition of new students. He shows the new students around the campus, explain their timetables, and introduce them to peer ‘buddies’ who will look after them. The Student Services Manager is also a valuable point of contact for parents seeking feedback or advice about their child’s transition.

Student Services Manager : Rohan Mather.

Primary-To-High-School Transition

Our primary-to-high school transition process commences when students are in Year 6. Our Transition Teacher, and Student Services Manager visit local intake primary schools to talk to the Year 6 students about our school and what it’s like at high school. Our team also meet with Year 6 teachers to learn about any students who may require additional support or have specific learning needs.


Enrolments for Year 7 open in May every year and close by July, the first Friday of Term 3.


Our Transition Day is held in October each year, when Year 6 students can enjoy full access to our facilities. While the children explore their new school, try out some really cool learning activities and meet their peers and some of their future teachers.

Home Room

Every day school begins with a 15 minute session in the home room. This is a time and space for students to get to know their peers, make new friends, learn about our school’s routines, find out what equipment they need, and have some fun. Students are issued with their Department of Education student passwords and other essential information for accessing Connect, email and the internet at school.


This is also where important notices and information are given to students.   

Arriving At School

Our school day starts with brekkie club at 8:20 till 8:45. Students then have 15 minutes of Home Room at 8:50 to prepare for their day before the first class commences at 9:05 am.


Students are discouraged from arriving early; if they do, they are to sit quietly outside and engage in passive activities as we do not have staff available to supervise them.


Students who arrive after the school day has started enter through Reception and sign in at the Student Services counter, and join their classes after they have obtained a late note.


We have a no phone policy at school. Phones need to be turned off and away all day. If students need to make contact home, they are to come to the front office during recess or lunch to do so.

Recess and Lunch

We break at 11:05 am for a 25 minute break and at 1:30 for a 30 minute lunch break. Staff are on duty and students are encouraged to play and exercise after they have eaten. The basketball courts / Gym and Oval are accessible for these purposes. The Library is open for board games / reading and computer games to those who may prefer some quiet time.

Leaving At The End Of The Day

The last class of the day finishes at 3:00 pm. Students who use the bus service are supervised for pick up. The last bus leaves at 3:30.