Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Established in 1974, Central Midlands Senior High School boasts some state-of-the art facilities around the school including our recently refurbished Hospitality and the Automotive Trade Training Centre.

The main building which is a two-storey block, houses the Administration Office, Staff Room, Staff Kitchen and Library at the ground level and the Classrooms and Science Labs on the upper level. A number of demountable classrooms to the south of this block provide classrooms and the Art Room and Special Needs Room. To the east of this block is the Gymnasium and the Hospitality Centre. Further east, are our Wood and Engineering Workshops and in the extreme east of the school is the state-of-the-art Automotive Trade Training Centre. The school also boasts a dedicated Horticultural Garden built by students in the Building and Construction course.


Students have opportunities to select from a range of subjects in Upper School to pursue pathways in Horticulture, Engineering, Building and Construction, Food Science and Hospitality, Automotive as well as Materials and Design.


Students have access to recently laid Basketball Courts and Tennis Courts including the Gym. The Gym has separate change rooms for male and female students.


The school Library is quite the centre of activity. It hosts a Conference Room for use by staff and students. It provides a separate space for SIDE students to pursue their courses as well as a chill-out zone during lunch and recess for all our students.


Up to the east of the Gym is the Canteen. This is run by P&C volunteers. The Canteen is also open for Breakfast Club at the start of the day. This is run by the office and school staff, to give students who may have missed breakfast a chance to get some nourishment at the start of the day.